HYBRID MODULAR green roof 'in a box'

Bioroof's Bio-Module creates an instant green roof, while employing the same high performance qualities as our 'built-in place' systems. Each Bio-Module unit is designed to seamlessly integrate all the components which make up a well-designed green roof system. Fully perforated side walls allow for uninterrupted nutrient, root and moisture exchange between units, while the built-in filtration layer prevents growing media from eroding into drainage zones. The base of the Bio-Module unit incorporates the same design principles as our high performance combination water retention and drainage panel, built to optimally hold and release stormwater while boasting the highest water retention capacity in the industry. Irrigation can be seamlessly integrated into Bio-Module units to allow for a pre-plumbed system.

Bio-Module units positively lock together for superior wind uplift resistance and precise installation. Modules can be locked together interchangeably in both vertical and horizontal orientations for flexibility in design and installation. 


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Bioroof’s Bio-Modules are FM Global and CSA Certified.