Born out of the experience of one of North America's leading green roof installers, Bioroof Systems is different. While many North American green roofs have historically been built with low performance product which offers little or no true benefit, Bioroof has designed a system that fulfills the goals of biodiversity, storm water retention, reduction of urban heat island effect, and reduced energy consumption. Our systems offer growing media able to support plantings which produce the habitat required for pollinators and wildlife.

The result? Near zero runoff, self-sustaining indigenous environments without the need for chemicals or pesticides, and quantifiable cooling benefits. And if there is any runoff, it will be free of urban toxins such as chlorinated and non-chlorinated hydrocarbons.


Instead of following the shoddy, low performance green roof model, Bioroof has reacted to the needs of the environmentally conscious client. We have designed a green roof that would achieve a high standard of performance in areas of storm water retention, cooling and sustainability.

Bioroof has also paid close attention to the 'brown' of a green roof, creating growing media lighter by half than the aggregate-based growing mediums otherwise prescribed in many green roof systems. Lower density means this growing media can be installed at greater depth, to accommodate a more diverse planting palette - and to make use of natural biological function to sustain palnts and degrade waterborne urban pollutants. This growing media can also be locally sourced, from renewable and recycled materials throughout the continent.


We also paid attention to the 'black' of a green roof: the waterproofing. We've employed the advice of some of North America's top building scientists to ensure our system is compatible with the requirements of sound roofing practices, yet flexible enough to go over a wide variety of roof types. Through this, we are able to improve the longevity of most roofing systems well beyond what is normally expected. If the waterproofing does need to be replaced, the green roof can be disassembled and re-installed for many more decades of use.


Beyond the science of our green roof system, we also understand the installation is vital to it's performance. Our national Certified Installer Program provides fully trained contractors that are well versed in the techniques of installation and maintenance.

Offering superior systems means we can also offer a superior warranty. While most green roof system manufacturers will warranty the components and vegetation for one year (some will not even cover the vegetation), Bioroof offers full warranty coverage, including labor and materials (including vegetation) for the life of the roofing membrane on roofs maintained by a Bioroof Certified Installer.

Bioroof Systems Inc. is a truly North American solution for the green roof marketplace, carrying the ideals of a robust environmental philosophy throughout our green roof solution.

Bioroof: Designed for performance.

Bioroof Systems Inc.

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